Netherlee and Stamperland Churches are closed until further notice.

UPDATE 20th June 2020

As a consequence of the Scottish Government's decision to move forward from lockdown to Phase 2 and, thereafter, Phase 3 of its planned emergence from lockdown, the Session of this Church intends to open for Private Prayer at the Stamperland and Netherlee sanctuaries on Wednesday mornings on an alternating basis.  That is, one sanctuary will be open each Wednesday morning to enable private, individual, prayer. 

Eventually, when Phase 3 is implimented by the Government, we will seek to restore Sunday Worship at 10:00 am at Netherlee and 11:30 at Stamperland.

However, before we can open our doors the Church of Scotland requires that all churches carry out formal, detailed Risk Assessments to ensure the safe conduct of each of these events and ensure the safety for all attending.  Currently, we in the church are progressing these assessments and and looking to have them formally approved.  In addition we are preparing areas within our buildings and our grounds to meet the requirements of social distancing, hygiene, etc..  We will not open for either Private Prayer or Worship until they are complete. 

We will endeavour to report our progress through our websites.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our minster, Rev Scott Blythe on 07504 692046.  He is happy to
respond to calls and texts.


The Church of Scotland has produced a short video "With God's help we will get though this together


The impact of the Coronavirus makes undertaking some forms of pastoral care rather difficult, particularly face-to-face visits whether at home, care home or hospital.  Please, therefore, do be aware that fewer visits than normal will be possible.  

Our minister, Rev Scott Blythe, is happy to be contacted by phone, text or e-mail.  Many, if not most, pastoral care issues may have to be handled by phone and text.  

Scott's landline number is 0141 533 7147.    

His mobile phone number is 07504 692 046.

His e-mail is   

You can also contact our Pastoral Care Assistant, Marie Wilson.  

Marie's mobile phone number is 07399 246 935.

Her e-mail address is